Best Choice I could have made

Tyler Thomas was the best choice I could have made because this man went out of his way to help me with the case and get it resolved with the best possible outcome. My understanding of this type of law is limited and he explained the various limitations and options without reservation. In addition to this case I had another event that he was most helpful with.

Awesome Attorney

Tyler is a professional and very informative about our case he kept us informed about our case step by step. We are very grateful to find a lawyer who is professional and cares for his clients and got the best results for our case.

Review of Tyler Thomas

Tyler Thomas was most helpful to me during a difficult situation. I had not expected to need an attorney. Mr. Thomas answered my phone call directly the first time I attempted to contact him. He responded to all of my e-mails in a very timely manner. Mr. Thomas clearly explained that status of my situation and gave me insight as what to reasonably expect. He followed through completely, was very professional and expressed concern for my well-being. I would not hesitate to contact him again if needed and I would certainly recommend him to individuals needing legal advisement. Mr. Thomas is knowledgeable and personable.

Glad to have found this professional

I was initially impressed with Tyler because he accepted my call and gave me a 30 minute consultation – while he was on vacation. Throughout my claim process, he was available by phone, email I text. He never missed a contact. Tyler was also very empathetic to my current financial situation and burdens from my accident.